Patient Information

patient Information

Patient Information

Internal Medicine

Since September 2014, all 5 Internists at New Canaan Internal Medicine have established individual, independent Internal Medicine practices. Basically this means that there are fewer patients per practice which enables each physician to provide a very personalized level of care in a quiet and unhurried setting. Annual physical exams, urgent visits, routine visits are easily scheduled. Most importantly, each patient has much easier access to his/her physician by means of office phone, cell phone, faxing, emails ….enabling 24/7 physician availability.

Our Internists are also committed to making hospital, skilled nursing home, assisted living and home visits as needed.

Our Internal Medicine practices operate on a direct pay system. Physicians do not accept payment from any insurance plans. Patients are billed on a quarterly basis.

Information Sessions

You are invited to schedule information sessions with any of our Internists in order to discuss his/her practice. You just need to call the physician’s office Monday through Friday during routine business hours.